Our story

After spending many years leading operations teams, advising CEOs, and building operations tools at Deloitte and Goodfood, Maxime Lavoie realized many e-commerce businesses had the same urgent need. Those businesses do not proactively plan their operations, resulting in lost of sales and profitability.
Many e-commere businesses are losing sales because of inventory stockouts and their lack of operations planning. These businesses could lose up to 5% of their sales. Fortunately, better sales and operations planning allows these businesses to reduce their stockouts, and grow their sales.
Maxime Lavoie, Obius Founder CEO

Our team

Maxime Lavoie is the founder and CEO of Obius and spent the last 15 years supporting e-commerce companies scaling, and improving their operations and technologies. Maxime is passionate about technology, growth, and solving complex problems. He is also a respected supply chain expert, and experienced Operations Executive.

Prior to founding Obius, Maxime spent six years at Goodfood as Vice-President Operations and Engineering supporting the sales growth of $20M in 2017 to $400M in 2020. As Vice-President Operations, Maxime led a team of 2,000 people supporting gross margins improvement from 18% in 2017 to 30% in 2020. Maxime also worked in consulting at Deloitte, helping Fortune 500 companies to optimize and modernize their supply chain.


Obius wants to democratize operational excellence, and simplify operations planning decisions for Canadian e-commerce businesses.
Empower leaders with operational excellence and lay the foundation to support their growth.


Deliver Value Quickly
Maximizing productivity and minimizing waste by optimizing processes and resources
Simplify Complexity
Structured, yet simple. Organize systems and processes to make operations simple and efficient
Support the Growth
Implement rigorous and agile processes to support long-term growth.
Continuously Improve
Innovate and continuously improve. Bringing positive change every day to our customers and our team.